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The leading supplier of security and events personnel in South Australia, we take pride in our dedication to excellence!

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As the leading supplier of security personnel in South Australia, we take pride in our dedication to excellence. Over the past 23 years, our non-violent approach to security has garnered us an enviable reputation. Our personnel consistently receive the highest accolades for their professionalism.

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Our dedicated team of skilled security professionals is committed to safeguarding your environment.

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Unleash a new level of security with our highly trained patrol dogs. 

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Our attentive hospitality staff ensures your every need is met with warmth, professionalism and efficiency.

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Booking any of our professional services at Weslo Staff is a simple process.

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Trusted by numerous happy customers who have been using our Services since 2001

Our valued customers at Weslo Security are our greatest advocates, speaking volumes about the exceptional service we provide. From responsive customer support to advanced security solutions, Weslo consistently exceed expectations.

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Satisfied Clients
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Expert personnel and unwavering dedication to ensure unparalleled safety and peace of mind.

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As a local family business, Weslo Security blends a personal touch with professional excellence.

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Weslo sets the gold standard for high-quality security services.

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With industry-leading expertise, Weslo Security boasts a rich legacy of safeguarding with proven effectiveness.


What Our Clients Say

We hired 2 wait staff from Weslo for our wedding at a private property. They were absolutely amazing! Very kind, and attentive staff, willing to go above and beyond the original duties we had asked for. They made for a beautiful experience for all our guests.

Menno Hess

Weslo provided a bar person for my daughters engagement party, to stand behind a table and serve drinks. Kelly was so professional, and willingly just jumped in to do what was needed. Kelly did much more than just serve drinks. She used her initiative to do tasks like putting empty bottles in bin, fill up glasses and pass food around. I loved that she cleaned up plates and glasses and put the dishwasher on. Thank you Weslo


Hi team, Just wanted to leave a positive review and acknowledge the fantastic and accomodating effort from the three security staff that we hired. Paul was the first guard to arrive. Upon arrival, he was very friendly and helpful. His efforts to accomodate our needs as event organisers was awesome. The next two security to arrive were no less amazing. All three guards were going above and beyond to make everyone feel safe and helping out in general as much as they could. Booking security was my greatest concern with this event as you never know who you will get. The three guards that worked deserve raises as they were slaying

Lachlan Craig

Thank you Weslo staff for working together with our team to provide security services for the Clare Gourmet Weekend. With so many people at the event, we appreciate your professionalism and experience. This enables all of our guests to have a terrific time in a safe environment. See you next year!

Seven Hill Cellars

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Weslo Security: Safeguarding Our Community with Excellence. At Weslo Security, we are dedicated to providing unwavering protection and peace of mind to our community. Our team of highly trained professionals adopt proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and businesses alike. With a commitment to excellence and a steadfast focus on community welfare, Weslo Security stands as the trusted shield that safeguards you and your patrons day and night.